Feline Duo, Nyalan And Deshi, Play “Hyakunin Isshu”

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Jalan, the popular Japanese travel website/magazine, has the cutest feline mascots named “Nyaran” (the master) and “Deshi” (the follower) . These two cats journey to many alluring places in Jalan’s TV commercials.

This feline pair also have their own Twitter account and post plenty of adorable pictures. Today I would like to share one episode from their Twitter feed!

Here’s the scene: Nyaran and Deshi are about to play a traditional Japanese card game called “Hyakunin Isshu”.  Hyakunin Isshu (which literally means “One hundred people, One poem”) originally referred to a collection of classical Japanese poems called “waka”, but it is now best known as a card game. The rules are quite simple. You just find and take the card that the card reader has announced.


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Deshi (right): OK. Let’s play Hyakunin Isshu, Master! I’ll beat you this time! 


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Deshi: Maybe…. This one…?


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Deshi: Oh, wait. Maybe not this. Must be that one….


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Deshi: Wow, look! Nyaran the Master sweeps the cards away too quickly to see.
I guess I can’t beat him!!! (>_<)


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Deshi: Meeeoooowwww!!


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Deshi: Actually, I don’t know much about the rules!


Well… If you don’t know the rules, you never can beat your master, Deshi (^^;) But you are cute and that’s enough!


Source: Jalan / Nyalan’s Twitter

Author: Junko

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