Straw Art Matsuri in Niigata Prefecture


Located on the northwest coast of Honshu (the main island of Japan), Niigata City in [W:Niigata Prefecture], has the largest paddy fields in the country.

In Nishikan-ku, a ward of the city, vast golden rice field appears during summer to autumn. With the rice straw, local people and college students of Art and Architecture departments created some impressive straw art for “Wara Art Matsuri (Straw Art Festival)” held in September at Uwasekigata Park and Iwamuroya.



Photo by “F”


Photo by “F”



Photo by “F”


“Tortoise” The shell was woven by local grand mothers.

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“Rhinoceros Beetle”

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According to the mammoth project team, it took a week to finish the piece. First they made the structure with wood sticks and pipes, and then shape it with bundles of straw.

Besides the exhibition, they had a folk entertainment stage, straw art workshop, and booths to sell local specialties.

I wonder if these kinds of big straw arts are made in other countries. Are you familiar with them?



This is JAPAN Style!



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