Japanese “Bus-Coming Informing System”

Since I moved my office, I have more chances to take bus.

That’s part of the reason I want to share this article I found in a Japanese blog.

It’s about a unique bus stop system.

Don’t you get impatient when you wait for a bus coming?

Especially during winter, I can’t stop keep looking where the bus should come.


sakura bus


This is a bus called “Sakura” and it runs in Arakawa, Tokyo.

You can see sakura (cherry blossom) on the bus.


sakura bus


Each bus stop for “Sakura” has a button, which a passenger pushes it before he or she gets into the bus so that the people waiting at the next bus stop will get the message saying “the bus is now at one bus stop before.”


The bus line I use has the same system (that tells where the bus runs at the moment) at the bus stops but it’s an automatic one.

I think hand-operated one is good enough.

I am sure it’s more inexpensive and there is “human warmth” in it, so I like hand-operated one much better!


What kind of system do the bus stops use in your country?


Source: Daily Portal Z



This is the JAPAN Style!



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