The unique bus stops (and chairs) in Japan

Today, we would like to introduce about the bus stops in Japan.

Of course there are many bus stops in your country as well, its design and figure may vary depending on each country or area.

I found an interesting Japanese article about the bus stops in Japan, so let me introduce it to you. It is also focused on the chairs at the bus stops.


For example…


Blue sky and blue chair. It’s like a real summer…


According to the writer of this article, it seems that there were many cases to be set voluntary or as donations including advertising of shops and clinics in those areas. We often see like “xxx Clinic” or “xxx Shop” painted on it. The chair above also seems that it was donated by some council, it is like typical advertising method…


There is also a chair like this.


Multi-leveled chairs.


Really small space to sit…


Are these just blocks or chairs?


Umm…, it has become fairly stable…


Typical rural style.


Oh, look carefully, waiting room and the garden are mixed together  🙂


Please tell me how to comment…


Utility pole???  And the painting…


On the other hand, it is not chairs, but the writer introduces us the bus stops like a house to live.


It looks almost a house rather than the bus stop ^^


Oh, should be careful not to be taken away with garbage.


Totoro is there!


How cute!! The bus stop in the shape of strawberry.


You should be careful not to be eaten by the bus stop.


So now, we have seen many unique bus stops in Japan. We would like to applaud the writer of this article because probably it took time to collect so many photos of such various bus stops.

Even though I am Japanese, I’ve never seen before like fruit and fish bus stops above …

We would be grateful if you let us know about the bus stops in your country  😛


Source: Daily Portal Z

This is JAPAN Style!