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ESPer Domino Effect – Falling without Physical Contact

You may have seen or made domino effect. When one block doesn’t contact another, it doesn’t work, right? But it does work with “ESPer Domino.”     The blocks are…

Ko-Imari in Paris: Enchanting Beauty (350 years of Japanese porcelain exports to Europe)

  To celebrate the 350th anniversary of Japanese porcelain exports to Europe, a classic porcelains exhibition titled “Ko-Imari in Paris: Enchanting Beauty” is held at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum….

Japanese Cool Designed OFUDA (GOFU)!!!

Ofuda also known as gofu, is a Japanese talisman or amulet, which is a strip of paper or wood that is believed to have power to protect from trouble or…

BONSAI — Japanese Miniature Tree Art

Bonsai is a miniature tree art originally started in ancient China. About 10th century, it was brought to Japan and developed into forms. The word “Bonsai” is Japanese and it…