Unique Japanese Product, Miso Soup Dispenser

Japanese miso soup


Today, I would like to introduce an uniquely Japanese product, basing on a Japanese famous miso manufacturer’s website. This product is called ‘One Shot’, which helps you to  make miso soup very easily in your office.



At a glance, it does look like coffee machine, but a bottle attached on the top of this machine has miso in it! So you just have to add some boiled water to your cup with the miso and some dried soup ingredient. Also, the exclusive paper cup comes with a scale attachment for miso and hot water so that you never fail to make a very good cup of miso soup.



With this dispenser, you don’t have to go to a convenience store for a cup of soup when you fancy it at lunch time or when you are a bit hungry.

This product will be very helpful to have some miso soup when you miss your breakfast or when you feel exhausted after commuter rush hour, too.


In addition to the miso soup dispenser, snack dispenser is also common in offices here.  I assume that water dispenser can be commonly seen in your country, but soup dispenser can be unique?


Source: MARUKOME website (English)


This is JAPAN Style!