Japanese Healthy Spaghetti Sauce Part 3 — “yuzu-kosho”


The left one is "yuzu-kosho flavored peperoncino"

The left one is "yuzu-kosho flavored peperoncino"

Today’s unique Japanese spaghetti is yuzu-kosho flavored peperoncino!!!


Peperoncino is pasta flavored with minced garlic, olive oil, and hot pepper flakes (dried red chili peppers).

It’s commonly eaten in Japan.

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus, which has a distinct flavor, different from lime or lemon, and Kosho means pepper.

Yuzu-kosho is condiment made from yuzu zest, green chili and salt.

It is often used for sushi, tempura, and hot pot.

Because the sourness of the yuzu is so refreshing, yuzu-kosho is perfect for heavy food such as fried food or fatty meat.

This yuzu-kosho peperoncino is also can be used on sauteed chicken.


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yuzu-kosho pastayuzu-kosho pasta


This is JAPAN Style!


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