ESPer Domino Effect – Falling without Physical Contact

You may have seen or made domino effect. When one block doesn’t contact another, it doesn’t work, right? But it does work with “ESPer Domino.”



The blocks are connected through wireless network, and fall one by one in order without physical contact, by sending and receiving signals. It gives you the sensation that an invisible power creates the domino effect.



ESPer Domino was developed by Jarashi Suki, a student of Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences and IAMAS Ubiquitous Interaction Research Group.

The work has won various awards including CG-ARTS contest Interactive Grand Prix, 2010 Japan Media Arts Festival Entertainment category Jury Recommended Works, Entertainment Computing 2010 EC2010 Best Demonstration Prize / Art and Science Prize, and 2010 Asia Digital Art Award / Interactive Art Category.



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