BONSAI — Japanese Miniature Tree Art

bonsaiBonsai is a miniature tree art originally started in ancient China.

About 10th century, it was brought to Japan and developed into forms.

The word “Bonsai” is Japanese and it means “tree-in- a-pot.”

The art of bonsai is profound.

It is like creating a three dimensional art piece with the power of the nature.

Unlike house plants, bonsai is more expressive and needs effort to make a beautiful piece.

Because trees are alive, they constantly change their looks.

It is interesting to have seasonally changing trees as bonsai ; for example, maples turn into red in autumn, cherries and Japanese apricots blossom in spring.

These three trees are popular bonsai trees.

Gardening (Bonsai) Tool

Gardening (Bonsai) Tool







This is JAPAN Style!


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