Japanese Unique Goods Recycled from Broken Bat

About a few months ago, I read about goods recycled from used baseball bats. What makes these goods unique is that they are recycled products from bats broken by players of Japanese professional baseball league, which is equivalent to the Major Leagues in the US.

When ‘Professional Baseball Broken Bat Fair’ was held in a major department store in Tokyo this summer, bats used by famous baseball players in Japan were exhibited. Also, 10 items recycled from broken bats and leftover wood in making bats were sold.

These displayed and sold in this fair include shoehorn (3,150yen=US$42,  limited to 100), chopsticks (from 1, 890yen=US$12), chopstick rest (630yen=US$8.5) and ballpoint pen (1,680yen=US$22.5).


broken bat item

Image from Ikebukuro Keizai Shinbun


For example, these shoehorns leave their bat grip as they used to be, so they have players’ uniform number and team name engraved on the knob. Of course, all these products were once used by pro baseball players of Japan.

These goods were sold for charity, and a part of profits from the sale was donated for sufferers from the Great East Japan Earthquake.


What do you think of them?


I like the idea very much, especially shoehorns!! (^_^)

Good idea helps those to be discarded being reborn into useful goods!


Source: Ikebukuro keizai Shinbun


This is JAPAN Style!