Make Bento along the Song of Bento Box


The Japanese word that means packed lunch, bento is gradually known in other countries, but do you know there is a song about bento in Japan? It is a classic children song started popular in 70’s, and still sung in children’s TV shows and at kindergartens. The title is “Obento-bako no Uta,” meaning “Song of Bento Box.” It goes like this.

In a bento box about this big

Put rice ball rice ball

Sprinkle sesame and salt on shredded ginger

Carrot, cherry*, shitake mushroom, gobo burdock

Lotus root with holes

Stringy butterbur

* The original version is “sansho (Japanese pepper)” instead of cherry. But younger generations are not familiar with sansho, so not they changed it to cherry.


As you can see the words are just about ingredients of a classic Japanese bento. You can listen to the song and see what the bento looks like if you follow the song.



This is a modern version with cherry and a cute rice ball.



This is JAPAN Style!