Ko-Imari in Paris: Enchanting Beauty (350 years of Japanese porcelain exports to Europe)


To celebrate the 350th anniversary of Japanese porcelain exports to Europe, a classic porcelains exhibition titled “Ko-Imari in Paris: Enchanting Beauty” is held at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum.

This exhibition introduces a thousand of Ko-Imari from the Usui collection, which were made between 1659 to early 18th century in Japan and exported to Europe.

Ko-Imari are early Imari porcelains, and they fascinated the royalties and the nobles in Europe.

Elegance and elaborateness of Ko-Imari also gave great impact on the development of European porcelains.

This exhibition is going on till December 23rd in Tokyo.


For more information go to official website.


Today's ARITA ware (Tea cup)

Today's ARITA ware (Tea cup)


This is JAPAN Style!


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