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Amphibious Bus Tour in Japan

  Amphibious Bus Tours are getting popular around some lakes and beaches of Japan. In the tours, the participants can see the major sightseeing spots on the land and cruise…

Japanese Art x Spa = Supreme Cure

Traditional Japanese spa towns have been changing in recent years. They used to be the places where people heal their bodies and minds by being nature and soaking in spa.

The Moments When I Felt “I’m So Japanese”

  Let me share this article that I found. It’s titled “The Moments When I Felt ‘I’m So Japanese’ in another country”.

What Japanese Children Eat at School?

    Almost all Japanese elementary and junior high school serve lunch to the students in Japan. The menus are well considered to be nutritious and healthy for children.

Japanese ORIBE Ware, pottery

  Oribe ware is a pottery made in early 17th centuries in Mino area in [W:Gifu Prefectures]. Oribe ware was stylized by a famous tea master Furuta Oribe who was…

Japanese Traditional Style Cruising — YAKATABUNE

If you visit Japan, you should put yakatabune cruising on your “want to do” list. Yakatabune is an old-fashioned Japanese house boat, on which people eat, drink and sing. It’s…

Cool Twitter widget for WordPress — NiTwPress

A large number of people love the social networking service, twitter. I am one of them and notifying the latest posts of this blog. Follow me, please! 😛   I…

KAMON — Japanese Crest

Kamon is a symbol of one’s family or class. There are 241 kinds of over 5116 kamon in Japan. The history of kamon dates back to the Heian Period (794-1185),…

Japanese Incense

Since 6th centuries, incense has had important part in Japan. It’s used at funerals, temples and home shines (butsudan) to purify spirits.   In the Heian Period (794-1185), the nobles…

Japanese Traditional End of a Year Gift — OSEIBO

  In Japan, people give gifts to their bosses, friends and family to show their thanks at the end of a year.   The gifts are called oseibo in Japanese….

Edo Wonderland: NIKKO EDOMURA, Ninja costume

Edo Wonderland Nikko is an Edo Period (1603 to 1868) themed park located in Nikko which is about 120km North of Tokyo. In the park, the constructions are all designed…