Wasabi Stories vol.41: “Idea is not All to Write a Great Work”


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“Idea is not All to Write a Great Work”

Today’s story teller is a Molecular biologist, Shinichi Fukuoka.

His topic was Michael Crichton (1942-2008), who is famous as the original writer of “Jurassic Park”.

The first Crichton’s book Fukuoka read was “The Andromeda Strain”.

A deadly plaque kills all the people in a small town but two survivors, an old man and a baby.

The story focuses on the scientists’ team that is assembled to cure.

Reading the work, Fukuoka dreamed to be a scientist like them.

The characteristics of Crichton’s works are the well researched materials and his novel aspects.

When he was asked some advices by a would-be writer, he said “If you have another skill, you’d better do that. Writer’s life is hard.”

He probably meant the writer’ peculiarity of silently working alone but according to Fukuoka, Crichton’s life style was regular and well controlled by his measure.

To another question “how do you get such abundant ideas?” he answered, “I want to know that too. — People put importance on idea of works but we can’t write with idea alone, and the idea changes as we write.”


Fukuoka’s word

“He passed away at age of 66. I never knew that he had been suffering cancer. The story depicts the future of transgenic “NEXT” is his posthumous work. ”

The NIKKEI Dec/4/2008 by Shinichi Fukuoka (Molecular biologist)


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