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Japanese Kamon (Emblem) Tattoo Sticker Tokugawa

    Fashion tattoo sticker with the coat of arms of popular Japanese Samurai. Can be put with water. Easy to apply and remove, lasts for max of 20 days! …

Japanese Furoshiki Fabric: table cloth kamon

  This is a Japanese traditional KAMON (emblem) design wrapping cloth called “furoshiki.” Furoshiki have been used in Japan through the ages. They are used mainly for wrapping gifts, but…

Japanese Reversible Furoshiki Bag kamon design

    This is a Japanese traditional wrapping cloth Furoshiki bag (kamon design).  

KAMON — Japanese Crest

Kamon is a symbol of one’s family or class. There are 241 kinds of over 5116 kamon in Japan. The history of kamon dates back to the Heian Period (794-1185),…