What Japanese Children Eat at School?


"Emily" some rights reserved. flickr

"Emily" some rights reserved. flickr


Almost all Japanese elementary and junior high school serve lunch to the students in Japan.

The menus are well considered to be nutritious and healthy for children.

The food typically served with milk. Sometimes it is strawberry or coffee flavored.

The varieties of menus help children to finish the meal without leftover.

For example, they serve meat loaf, spaghetti, hotdog, ma po tofu, teriyaki noodle, or grilled salmon.

Usually the staple foods are different everyday, like today bread, tomorrow rice, and the next day noodle.

Sometimes it comes with a desert including fruits, cakes and ice creams.

At an end of a month, students get the menus for the next month, so the mothers know what they are eating and how many calories they take.

That help them to determine what they make for their children for dinner.


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