The Moments When I Felt “I’m So Japanese”



Let me share this article that I found.

It’s titled “The Moments When I Felt ‘I’m So Japanese’ in another country”.

– When I took off my shoes to enter a hotel room.

– When I bow too low.

– When I leave a plane or hotel, I clean everything (while others leave the mess).

– When I say “Sorry” more than “Thank you”.

– When I want to put miso on any food.

– When I can’t stand being lazy by a beach. I feel like I have to do something.

– When I crave for white rice.

– When I miss a wet towel at a restaurant. (In Japan, you get a wet towel at a restaurant).

– When I hold up a dish to eat the food on it.

– When I play a video game or use PC more than going out to see the country.

– When I couldn’t lie down on a bed with my shoes on.


It’s funny? 😛

Quoted from HERE.


This is JAPAN Style!


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