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A Village Made of Ice; Shikaribetsu-ko Kotan

Wow. Look at this (o_O) The bar in this photo is made with ice blocks! It looks freezing but very beautiful, doesn’t it?     This bar is in a…

Weapon-like Anchor Block

Let me introduce a Japanese entertainment website that I check often. One day, a picture of a unique construction product was introduced in the website.     The blogger saw…

A Building Looks Like a Portable Shrine

  This is about a little weird building in Japan. The building is near [W:Lake Biwa], which is the largest lake in Japan and one of the popular tourist sites….

Amphibious Bus Tour in Japan

  Amphibious Bus Tours are getting popular around some lakes and beaches of Japan. In the tours, the participants can see the major sightseeing spots on the land and cruise…