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Stepladder Fishing in Tokyo Bay

I saw a unique fishing style called “kyatatsu-zuri” on Asahi News. It involves a stepladder, which an angler sets in the sea and sits on to fish. Invented to fish…

Shiohigari “Clam Digging” in Japan

Are you familiar with clam digging? In Japan, people go  clam digging, “shiohigari” in Japanese, for fun from late spring to summer.       Especially during golden week in…

Utility Poles in Tokyo Bay

  First of all, I would like you to see this photo. The clear sky, the beautiful blue ocean, and…what? Timeworn utility poles!? Many utility poles stand in the ocean,…

Fun food UMIBUDO aka Sea Grapes, Green Caviar

Following to the Okinawan specialty, Goya, I want to introduce another Okinawan specialty. First, look at this picture and guess what it is!