Utility Poles in Tokyo Bay


First of all, I would like you to see this photo. The clear sky, the beautiful blue ocean, and…what? Timeworn utility poles!? Many utility poles stand in the ocean, and the electric wires lead offshore. But why? And to where?


This unusual sight can be seen in Kisarazu city, facing Tokyo bay.



This is Ryugu-jyo Hotel Mikazuki.
The utility poles are behind this hotel.


To observe the poles, you need not enter the hotel. You can enjoy a hotspring bath, but it may cause you to forget about the utility poles (^^;


There is a narrow path behind the hotel.


Keep going ahead!


Oh! Finally! Be careful not to fall off (^^;


It is kind of cool, isn’t it?



These electric wires supply electricity to structures offshore. According a rumor, these structures are for poaching observation. I’m not sure why it should be utility poles instead of submerged lines on the sea floor (maybe it’s a budget issue).

However, I like this scene that makes people feel a touch of pathos. How about you?


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!



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