Middle-aged Housewives Dance in Bug Repellent CM


These videos are the TV commercials for insect repellents line of Kincho (official name is Dainihon Jochugiku Company), a household products company which developed the first spiral-shaped mosquito-repellent incense (mosquito coil) in the world.

Their commercials are always humorous using “middle-aged-ladies-next-door”! Let me share three of them that are on the air recently.

The first commercial is for an insect repellent for entrance. It is set in front of a house in a mountain valley where there must be a lot of mosquitoes.



Three middle-aged housewives in aprons are dancing LOL!!

The song goes “Bugs come into from entrances. I realized so after me past fifty.”

The next number is a cockroach repellent. It is set in a clutter house which seems to have cockroach troubles. In this commercial, the housewives are doubled!



According to the Kincho’s website, they are actually expert housewives. They practiced the move for three days before the shoot.

The last one is an insect repellent plate. Two housewives, neighbor to each other, are dancing in balconies of an apartment.



They are singing how the product is stable (efficacious till the very last day). Their imperfect dance makes this movie more comical LOL.


Source: KINCHO TVCM (Japanese)

Link: KINCHO Company’s Website (English, Chinese)


This is JAPAN Style!