Stepladder Fishing in Tokyo Bay

I saw a unique fishing style called “kyatatsu-zuri” on Asahi News. It involves a stepladder, which an angler sets in the sea and sits on to fish.

Invented to fish cautious aogisu (sillagindae), kyatatsu-zuri had been popular around the mudflats in Tokyo Bay since the late Edo period (the 19th century) until the number of aogisu decreased sharply due to the land filling in 1960s to 70s.

Last week, kyatatsu-zuri came back to Tokyo Bay after 40 years’ absence.




The anglers put out to sea about one kilometer off-shoe and put down 3-meter-high wooden stepladders. After an anglers sit on the ladders, the boat leaves to not scare cautious fish, so the anglers left alone in the sea. It looks scary!

What if they fall? What if they had sunstroke?

There are comments on the video saying “They should wear life jackets for safety.” And I agree with that.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t catch aogisu this time, but they caught some sea perch.


Source: Asahi News (the video above)


This is JAPAN Style!