Concerned DNA Issue of Hello Kitty’s Family!?

In Tama New Town, Tokyo, there is a indoor theme park called “Sanrio Puroland” featuring Hello Kitty.

One step inside takes you to the town of Hello Kitty.

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Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland


There are area maps in the park.

And back of them are…

hello kitty


Hello Kitty’s family and friends are introduced.


hello kitty


Look at the family members. There is something that concerns us.


hello kitty


Hello Kitty’s family has high rate of glasses!

What if Hello Kitty inherits bad eyesight from the family and has to wear glasses?

Hello kitty goods are going to be re-designed like toilet seats and golf balls.

So I wish that Hello Kitty takes care of her eyes extra carefully (^_^)

Reference: Daily Portal Z


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