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Ultimate Local Specialty Food?! Remote Island Food

Local specialty food always catches people’s attention in Japan, and nowadays, you can see many types of local specialty food event and exhibition around the country.  And I read an…

Shiohigari “Clam Digging” in Japan

Are you familiar with clam digging? In Japan, people go  clam digging, “shiohigari” in Japanese, for fun from late spring to summer.       Especially during golden week in…

Fun food UMIBUDO aka Sea Grapes, Green Caviar

Following to the Okinawan specialty, Goya, I want to introduce another Okinawan specialty. First, look at this picture and guess what it is!    

Japanese PIZZA Part 2

  Last time, I introduced Teriyaki and Shrimp mayonnaise pizza. Today, I am going to introduce Japanese unique pizza again. The pizza shown in the pictures is half & half…