Kawaii Massage Cushions

Mother’s day is just around the corner (^^). Have you chosen a gift yet? Today, I would like to introduce something nice for your Mother’s day gift.

Look at these colorful macaroons! Actually they are not real macaroons but macaroon-looking electric massage cushions produced by TSUKAMOTO AIM CO., LTD. Really kawaii, aren’t they!? There are three flavors (?); chocolate, mint, and raspberry, and it’s hard to choose just one! And speaking of the massage function, it’s real! Four small mechanical balls within the cushion move up and down, and gently massage your body, just like a massage by hand.



Also, there is a square type massage cushion series called “Lourdes” from other maker, ATEX Co., Ltd. The square one is also very kawaii! The “Lourdes” series has many fabric varieties for the cushion covers, so you can find the best one for your mom :D!



Here is a video showing how this massage cushion works. Let’s watch it first (^^).



There is a flap on the back side, and you can feel four massage balls working beneath it. It’s designed for simple operation, so I think even old mothers can handle it. Just turn on the switch to start, and when you press the switch two times, a built in heater begins working (you can see that the balls become red in the video).

Round one or square one, which style do you like? I wanna have all the three colors of macaroon looking cushions for myself ;P


Source: ATEX Co., Ltd. Website and TSUKAMOTO AIM CO., LTD. Website


This is JAPAN Style!