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Wow! R2-D2 Soy Sauce Bottle and Humidifier

Even if you are not a film freak, you would probably know R2-D2, a robot character in Star Wars movies. It seems people find that his shape is quite usable;…

Beans, Cucumbers and more! Japanese PEPSI Flavors

In Japan, original flavored Pepsi have been released by Suntory for a limited time only. Some are good but some are weird… Let’s look at examples! Pepsi Cucumber (2007)  …

Fun Beverages in Japan

When you go to a Japanese convenience store, you find strange drinks in the refrigerators.   For example; “Slime Heal Drink” “Slime” is a character from a video game series…

Train Shaped Unique Japanese Item

  These trains were introduced in the stationery king, Bungu-o’s blog.