Fun Beverages in Japan

When you go to a Japanese convenience store, you find strange drinks in the refrigerators.


For example;

“Slime Heal Drink”

Dragon Quest Drink

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“Slime” is a character from a video game series “Dragon Quest.” “Heal” is a magic spell in the game. The juice is a little slimy. The left one is soda pop flavored and the right one is tropical fruits.



“Neon Genesis EVANGELION Plug-Suits Shaped Water Bottle”



From anime series “Neon Genesis EVANGELION,” Rei Ayanami’s and Asuka Langley Soryu’s Plug-Suits shaped water bottles.



“Neon Genesis EVANGELION”


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“Ramune (soda pop)”

soda pop_japan


What do you think they are? Fruit punch? Lemonade? NO!!!

From the left, they are, Kimchi, takoyaki (octopus dumpling), wasabi, and curry flavored sodas! They will be perfect for penalty games!



This is JAPAN Style!


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