1/1 scale Gumdam in Tokyo. It’s COOL!!!

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A real-sized “Mobile Suit Gundam” was made in Shiokaze park in Odaiba, Tokyo.

It’s a part of the Gumdam 30 year’s anniversary project and it will be exhibited there till August 31.

This 18 meter tall RX-78-2 Gundam has 50 illuminant gimmicks and 14 mist jet gimmicks on the body, and the head moves up-down-left-right.

It is magnificent and beautiful with the illuminations in the night.

There is one lucky couple who were selected to hold a wedding ceremony with the Gundam out of 548 entries!

This couple loves Gundam; they even named their kid after one of the characters!

It’s going to be very special wedding for them.


It’s COOL!!!


This is JAPAN Style!