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B-LABO: Kamaboko Eraser

  – What’s B-LABO? Who’s Bungu-o? – B-LABO is a website providing a lot of information to help you enjoy stationery more! The “B” in B-LABO means Bungu (stationery), Business,…

Train Shaped Unique Japanese Item

  These trains were introduced in the stationery king, Bungu-o’s blog.

Japanese Rock, Scissors, Paper Clips

  One of Bungu-o (Japanese Stationery King)’s collections.  

Are These Drink or What?

  The carton drinks in the picture above, they look real. But when you look at them closer…  

Customizable Fine Ballpoint Pen – PILOT Hi-TEC-C Coleto

  In Japan, we have wide varieties of excellent stationeries, and many Japanese people are particular about what they use. There is even a stationery freak (?) nicknamed “Stationery King”,…