Unusual Vending Machines Gallery

Japan Style has already shared various types of vending machines in Japan. But you can always find more unusual vending machines here!

Here are some examples posted on an internet forum 2channel thread.


Natto (fermented soybeans) vending machine



Work book vending machine



Miffy doll is sold in beverage vending machine (It is sold out!)



“Don’t go to a café for show!” vending machine (It says so in Japanese)



Wide top vending machine



Milk carton shaped vending machine



Bottles-lie-down vending machine



Lastly, let me share two vending machines standing unusual places.

A vending machine in a local train



A vending machine in a balcony of an apartment



To see more Japanese vending machines, please use the search box (^_^)


Source: http://news4vip.livedoor.biz/archives/51478926.html


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