Train Shaped Unique Japanese Item

Japanese train


These trains were introduced in the stationery king, Bungu-o’s blog.

Look at the whole bodies.


Japanese train


These look plastic models or toys but actually…


Japanese train



Plastic bottled tea!


The green one is a train of JR [W:Yamanote Line], which is probably the most famous rail line.

As you can see, the front part is a cap and the rest part is an ordinary plastic bottle.

The cap should be used as a cup but it’s not.

It reminded Bungu-o the tea bottle with a cup sold at station with ekiben (bento to eat in a train).
(I wish I had a picture to show it but I couldn’t find it. Sorry!)

The price of the train shaped plastic bottled tea was 358 yen (US$3.80).

A regular bottled tea costs about 150 yen (US$1.60), so it costs twice.

It’s a little expensive, isn’t it!?

Have you seen train shaped bottled drink in your country?

Or other kind unique bottles?

If so, please tell me! (^_^)


Source: Bungu-O



This is the JAPAN Style!



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