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Shirataki : Miracle Noodles?

  Have you ever heard of “shirataki”? You may not be familiar with it, but shirataki is a very common food in Japan. It’s a type of “konyaku / konjac” cut into noodle-like strips….

Seeking American blogger to feature Japanese products!

  We’re a Tokyo based company selling Japanese products to the world. And to promote our items (quality second-hand musical instruments), we are now seeking someone managing a strong, well-trafficked blog in the U. S….

Is This a Rabbit or a Goose?

Interesting story was posted in a Japanese blog which I read lately.     These drawings are the duck-rabbit illusion drawn about 100 years ago by American psychologist Joseph Jastrow….

Wasabi Stories vol.220: “Obviative Person Can Encourage You”

Today’s story-teller is writer Reiko Morota again. The episode is from when she was working for a cosmetic company before she became a writer. It was in 1985. Morota was…

The American Flag in Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Let me introduce a unique episode regarding a national flag today. This episode is selected from a photo blog of a Japanese blogger. This is an American base, Naval Air…

Wasabi Stories vol.122: “You can not buy muscles with money LOL”

  — ABOUT  Wasabi Stories… —   “You can not buy muscles with money LOL” Today’s story teller is a music journalist, Yoichi Shibuya. The theme was music performers and…

Wasabi Stories vol.41: “Idea is not All to Write a Great Work”

  — ABOUT  Wasabi Stories… —   “Idea is not All to Write a Great Work” Today’s story teller is a Molecular biologist, Shinichi Fukuoka. His topic was Michael Crichton…

Recent Music Trend in Japanese Music Industry

In the past few years, the trend in Japanese music industry has been changing. In the 90’s, Western pop music sold more than Japanese pop music; however, the sales reversed,…