Recent Music Trend in Japanese Music Industry

In the past few years, the trend in Japanese music industry has been changing. In the 90’s, Western pop music sold more than Japanese pop music; however, the sales reversed, meaning, Japanese style music sells more than Western music.

It seems today’s young people in Japan want something “familiar” more than “cool”; therefore, Japanese songs that the listeners can relate to the artists’ feelings succeed now.

Being in this music trend, Japanese record companies launched out some artists who sing or create the Japanese style music from North America.

JERO from Pennsylvania is one of them.

He is the first African-American enka (Japanese traditional style pop music) singer in Japanese music history.

His first single “Umiyuki (Ocean Snow)” debut in 2008 and ranked number 4 in a famous music chart, Oricon.

Umiyuki by JERO


This is JAPAN Style!


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