The American Flag in Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Let me introduce a unique episode regarding a national flag today.

This episode is selected from a photo blog of a Japanese blogger.

This is an American base, Naval Air Facility Atsugi, in Atsugi, Kanagawa.


naval base_atsugi

The blogger went to the Fourth of July celebration in the base.
It was open to civilians.


naval base_atsugi

The stands were typical of American: steaks, pizza, cheese, etc.
The piece of steak was large with a lot of gravy sauce.


naval base_atsugi

Well, he ate it all.
And he got a small American flag in the picture, but…


naval base_atsugi

“Made in China” is printed on it!



I am surprised!  The country of origin is printed even on novelty goods. 😯

Well, I wonder if there are any Chinese made real American flags.


Source: Daily Portal Z



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