Wasabi Stories vol.122: “You can not buy muscles with money LOL”


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“You can not buy muscles with money LOL”

Today’s story teller is a music journalist, Yoichi Shibuya.

The theme was music performers and muscles.

He shared this thought after he watched the performance of an American popular singer.


“Beyonce is muscle. It is my impression on her over two-hour entertainment show.”



He also said that the back dancers’ bodies were also built up and it was no exaggeration to say that her performance was supported by their muscles.


“What is muscle? It is an effort. No matter how you are talented, if you don’t train or make effort, you can’t build muscles. If you loaf, you can’t achieve the entertainment that Beyonce aims.”


Shibuya developed his opinion that “entertainment = muscles”, and brought another super star, Madonna as an example.

She is another performer who understands “entertainment = muscles.”

For Beyonce, Madonna or anyone, entertaining people can’t be achieved without efforts and practice; it is a very stoic action.

That’s all for Shibuya’s interesting point of view on Beyonce and muscle.


The NIKKEI Oct/27/2009  by Yoichi Shibuya (music jounalist)


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