Factory Tour by Double Deck Bus without Roof

Metropolitan Expressway Kawasaki Line is a comparatively-new expressway, gallantly runs through the factory group of Kawasaki area in Kanagawa prefecture.

We can see such a beautiful view of  the factories from the road, even some people say that this road is constructed for plant lovers, probably.


 You can see like this!


 Isn’ that beautiful?


 How about this?


However, because of the tall fence on the side of the road, we cannot see like this beautiful view if you ride on a normal short car.

Therefore, the writer of this article chartered the SKY Bus one day, and planned an event of the bus tour for viewing the plants from the road.

The bus, its height of 3.8m with no roof, will definitely make us possible to see the plants without any obstacles.


Today, I would like to introduce his report.

As soon as the writer advertised for participants on Twitter, the seats reached full of its capacity.

Does everybody like to see the plants!? Probably some people know it is interesting, but we cannot say it is popular major tour, you know…




He designated the pick-up point at the parking lot of Haneda airport on the day.


 We can already see the bus from the exit.  Wow, how big it is!


All the participants rode on the SKY Bus.
There is no roof as you see, that’s the point.


Everybody was excited about this height and the event which will start soon.


After going around the airport, the bus goes forward to the expressway.

On the way, the bus went through Kawasaki Port Tunnel.


This is inside the Kawasaki Port Tunnel. 


Have you ever gone through the tunnel by bus without roof?

The writer believes that the SKY Bus was built so that people can enjoy going through tunnels, because it is wonderful experience.

On top of the bus, our hand could almost reach at the ceiling of the tunnel, feeling cool air coming to our face, and the orange lights at intervals went through our side so fast, it was so fantastic!

This can be definitely one of the main part of the tour. All the participants was so excited about this fantastic world.


Then, the bus went toward Chidoricho. Everybody who likes to see plants knows Chidoricho as a holy place of the plant area.

The bus stopped for the participants to see the view for a while.

“A red tour bus at industrial area?”

Probably it looked so weird, but the participants didn’t care because the view made their eyes fixed.


Beautiful panorama!

Everybody was excited about the plant and taking pictures.


The view from the top of the bus surely made them feel so special.


This is a factory of Japanese top stainless steel maker, Nippon Yakin Kogyo.


 This powerful complete picture with no obstacles.  “I wanna park the bus here and live on the top.


The writer has been going around here for a decade, but this is the first time for him to see such a perfect picture.

There were some participants who saw the plants in Kawasaki area for the first time. He thought they are so happy to see this complete picture without any obstacles that he had yearned for a long time.


No grass and no fence. That’s wonderful.


Huge cute tanks.


Everybody got off the bus and enjoyed the tank view at a park in Higashi-Ougi Island for a while.


The sun was setting, so the party got on the bus again and headed back to the Kawasaki line via Oguro junction.


This is under the Kawasaki line. 


They enjoyed UNDER the Kawasaki line as well.

The sun was finally setting, the bus went toward ON the line to see the night view of the plants.


Night viewing of illuminated tanks.


How romantic it is!!


Everyone was so impressed for this beautiful night view of plants, even the tour guide murmured “So beautiful….” unintentionally.

Though the tour was planned about 2 hours at first, it actually took around 3 hours through arrangement of the staff.

“Thank you very much for your kindness! We really enjoyed the tour!”


Now we have seen the factory tour by SKY BUS the writer planned. What do you think?

He gave people the opportunity to enjoy something, and he enjoyed it himself as well. I felt so happy to see this article, and thank him for giving us such a happy story.

I would be grateful if you let me know some happy stories you know  😉


Source: Daily Portal Z


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