Sky-Rocketing Popularity of Spouse Hunting Bus Tour!

As some of you remember, I previously covered several ’spouse hunting activities’ in Japan.  Today, I’m introducing new type of spouse hunting going on in Japan now!


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This time, spouse hunting turned into one day package bus tour.  One introduced in the article was a tour from Yokohama to go to Boso peninsula.  Wide variety of activity includes seafood buffet for lunch, strawberry picking at 3pm, then sunset appreciation at Tokyo Bay.



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So, it basically has all good and romantic date courses for couple!  No wonder why it is beating other spouse hunting activities.  It seems this kind of tour is widely available all over Japan, and it can be all sold out within 1 week after the sale start date!!

But as you probably wonder, important thing here is whether you can actually get your girlfriend/boyfriend by attending such a tour…

Well, according to a major tour arrangement company, 30 to 40% becomes couple in one tour, but ratio of some other tour can be over 50%; in other words, it does depend on tours.  But we can surely see that the tour has higher potential than any other types of spouse hunting activities at the moment.

OK, so the lowest ratio is 30%…, then, over 50% will be able to get at least 1 possible future partner if you attend 2 tours??

Now, why the tour is so effective to find a partner compared to others??

An agent explains that the tour will allow people to share longer time through various activities, so it will make it easier for attendees to communicate with others compared to other types of spouse hunting.  Interaction will be much more natural and there will be more chance to fall in love!

Ah, this is understandable!  FYI, this kind of tour generally cost 10,000 (US$125)-15,000 yen for male, and 7,000-8,000 yen for female.

Well, I have no intention to join one of these, but I can see that it sounds more natural than other types of hunting thingies!  I wonder if there is similar thing avaiable in other countries??  If so, please let me know!

I also looking forward to hearing your comments on today’s article 🙂


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