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[Photoblog] Natsu-no-Oharai

Children were also enjoying making Cogon grass rings♪Taken during Natsu-no-Oharai at Ikoma Shrine. Copyright(C) Miki →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Danjiri, the Decorative Portable Shrine

It seems this was the first occasion when Miki, the photographer saw Danjiri in Imai-cho!Taken during Imai-cho street walking event. Copyright(C) Miki →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Cerebrate with Rope

People who have something to cerebrate are bound by the rope in the picture.Taken is Rope rituals in Yabe, Nara. Copyright(C) Miki →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

Yukata Separates Make Summer Special

  “Yukata” is the informal cotton kimono for summer season. Japanese girls do so enjoy wearing yukata as they go to see fireworks or summer festivals (hopefully with their boyfriends!)…

[Photoblog] Smell of Early Summer

Miki, the photographer seems to be happy that rain helped her to capture vivid colour of those flowers ^^ Taken at Murou-ji Temple. Copyright(C) Miki →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is…

[Photoblog] Girls on Summer Festival Night

They were probably looking forward to this festival!According to Miki, the photographer, these girls flied upstairs^^The picture looks pretty quiet, but it seemed to be very lively with traditional festival…

[Photoblog] Goldfish Scooping♪

Can you see a smile on her face? ^^Miki, the photographer have seen goldfish scooping stalls at many places, but it seems she often comes across with good catchers like…

Popular Summer Festival Stalls for grown-ups in Japan

It is getting slightly cooler as autumn approaches to Japan (but still hot…!).  Some may feel relieved as the hottest season is almost over, but some may feel sad as…

Offering for Bon Festival! Authentic Looking Food Shaped Candle

  Bon festival is one of the main event of summer in Japan.  During this festival, we honour our ancestor’s’ spirits, and prepare special offerings for them. There are some regional…

[Photoblog] Jizo-Bon Festival

Taken is Jizo-bon festival at Ryosen-ji Temple, Nara. Copyright(C) Miki →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

What is the Origin of Suika-wari or Watermelon Cracking of Japan?

I know I just wrote about watermelon the other day, but here is another watermelon episode to share with you, which is about watermelon cracking of Japan! Suika-wari or Watermelon cracking…