Offering for Bon Festival! Authentic Looking Food Shaped Candle

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Bon festival is one of the main event of summer in Japan.  During this festival, we honour our ancestor’s’ spirits, and prepare special offerings for them. There are some regional specific food you are supposed to prepare, and in addition to that, people generally prepare favourite food of their ancestors. We of course, try to prepare all those offerings by using real ingredients; however, it seems there are candles which are in shape of food!


japanese fake food candle


According to an article, there is a collection of candle on sale under the theme of ‘favourite food of the deceased’.  If you use one of these, you don’t have to worry about keeping your room with a family altar cool nor keep an eye on those offerings so that our summer enemy (cockroach!  Ew… ><) would make any mess with them…

I think trying to prepare as many favourite food of your ancestors as possible is really sweet thing to do, but under this heat of summer, I believe it is OK to use some of those food candle instead??  But I personally worry if there is enough variety of food candle available since I’ve only seen some fruits shaped ones…

It seems I really didn’t have to worry…  there are a lot more than some fruits shaped candles in the market!!  This collection includes sushi, ramen and curry for main, and also has some sweets such as daifuku mochi cake, rice cake with sweet red beans paste.  On top of them, you can even get some alcoholic drink ranging from beer, champagne to sake!


You may want to see quality of their products?

Please have a look at an movie below!



Pretty awesome aren’t they??  They look good as well 🙂

I wasn’t sure about artificial offering when I first heard of them, but I’m sure our ancestors will forgive us as our summer getting hotter and hotter every year…(^_^;)


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