Popular Summer Festival Stalls for grown-ups in Japan

It is getting slightly cooler as autumn approaches to Japan (but still hot…!).  Some may feel relieved as the hottest season is almost over, but some may feel sad as it is the end of summer festival season (><).  Today, I would like to introduce an article about nice summer fan, summer festival!


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Summer festival generally involves fireworks and dance often with float parade and other historical element etc.  And festival stalls are another important element of festivals.  Its wide variety always attracts not only children but also adults.  But what types of stalls grown-up men typically love you think??


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According to the article, golden fish scooping was the most popular stalls among all, which is followed by shooting.  Both seem to tickle men’s heart to impress others 😛  Third one was lot drawing; men seem to find it exciting to find their draw.

Golden fish has always been a popular pet in Japan, so it is not bad finding a peaceful pet?  It will be a nice memory of festival, too.  And I can see that shooting is a fun.  But I don’t remember if I ever seen lot drawing stalls in festival??

When it comes to food stalls, yakisoba, takoyaki and shaved ice were the top 3.  First 2 are something you can eat anytime, but it seems people find it tastier when they have those 2 during festival.  Big German sausages, cotton candy and choc banana and other festival stalls specific food seem to be very famous, too.

I like yakisoba and takoyaki, too!  I recommend you to try all of those stated above, but I personally wonder why grilled squid couldn’t be in top 5 though??  Argh, I’m already missing festival stalls now! (><)


What do you think about today’s article?

Please let me know about your favourite festival stalls in your country, too 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you!


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