How Did the Metropolitans’ Life Change after the Earthquake? – A Survey Result – Part2

This is the continuation of yesterday’s article about “Survey on Metropolitan Residents Attitude toward Life and Consumption (after the massive earthquake).” To read the part 1, click HERE.


[About Buying and Stocking Up]

After the earthquake, panic-buying was an issue for a while. Articles such as foods and water disappeared from shelves of stores.

According to the survey, 85% of the residents had experienced inconvenience due to a shortage of goods till a month after the earthquake, and 73% of the residents thought that there were some articles that seemed to be in short supply as of a month after the earthquake; however, only 13% of the residents buy certain articles more than usual. It suggests that the panic-buying has subsided.

To the question “what triggered you to buy up?,” 62% of people answered “because of the shortage of goods at stores,” which tells that empty shelves made people nervous. The sources that influenced on buying up were “television (45%)” and “friends and neighbors (21%).”



A photo of the supermarket just after the quake (goods are NOT in short supply now)."Koji Horaguchi" some rights reserved. flickr



[What do you keep in mind after the earthquake?]

What people keep in mind the most after earth quake is “saving electricity (84.2%).” “Saving water (41.6%),” “stocking up emergency foods and water (32.0%),” “always being available to contact family members (30.7%)” followed next.

About 1 person out of 5 people “checks the producing areas of perishable foods,” “tries to not go out,” or “reduces the use of car.” It suggests that consumers are getting unmotivated after the earthquake.


[Intention toward Lifestyle and Value]

In the October 2010 research, 68% of the residents had agreed with the idea that “not working too hard but taking it easy,” now 74% of the residents agreed with the idea. Also, the earthquake seemed to grow the Japanese’ patriotic spirit; 57 % of the residents “think a great deal of Japanese traditional lifestyle” now, while 45% of the residents agreed with the idea in the past research.

The earthquake gave us a chance to seriously think about our life and future. The inconvenient life will last for a while but saving electricity and water is good for the Earth environment anyway. Although it is a very tough time, it is important for us to stay positive and appreciate what we have now.


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