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Cell-Phone with Real Presence, Telenoid

Hiroshi Ishiguro, a professor at Osaka University, who is famous for developing Geminoid HI-1 and Geminoid F, revealed that his team is developing “Geminoid cell-phone” that enables the user to…

Japanese Beer Strap cell phone charm

    This is a Japanese beer strap (fake food).  

Japanese Dorayaki Strap cell phone charm fake food

    This is a Japanese dorayaki strap. As you know, the Japanese manga (anime) character Doraemon loves dorayaki! ^_^  

Waterproof Solar Powered Phones in Japan

  Last early summer, the world first waterproof solar phone attracted people’s attentions in Japan. The phone is called Solar Phone, made by Sharp and released by KDDI au.  

Kabuki Costume Designed Items

  As you may already know, kabuki is one of Japan’s finest traditional theatrical arts. For those who don’t know kabuki, here is a clip of it.    

Amazing Trick to check a Signal of Remote Control

    A necessity in our life, “remote control”. TV, DVD player, air conditioner, and audio; we can’t live without remote controls. Sometimes they don’t work but by hitting them,…

Wasabi Stories vol.103: “You use tool but not be used by tool”

  — ABOUT  Wasabi Stories… —   “You use tool but not be used by tool” Today’s story teller is a natural-life specialist, Noriko Sakou. Her story was about cell…

20 Million Yen Vertu’s Cell Phones

  Luuxry phone company, [W:Vertu] recently unveiled its cell phone collection “Signature Kissho”.     Photos are HERE.   The phones are decorated with maki-e (Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold…

Think Bee! brand Animal Design Cell Phone Case

    This is a Think Bee! brand cell phone case.   Very CUTE!!!   This is JAPAN Style!     You should follow me on Twitter HERE.   If…

Kawaii! Kaomoji (Emoji) J-emoticon Dial Stamp

  JAPAN Style previously picked up Japanese emoticon, Kaomoji, it is one of the most popular articles. So I searched the latest kaomoji online and found outrageous product released by…

KAWAII! Japanese Cell phone Strap, charm, TAIYAKI

  This is a unique strap looking just like the genuine item which modeled Japanese “Taiyaki.”   Made in JAPAN!   This is JAPAN Style!   You should follow me…