Wasabi Stories vol.103: “You use tool but not be used by tool”


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“You use tool but not be used by tool”

Today’s story teller is a natural-life specialist, Noriko Sakou.

Her story was about cell phone.

When she made an appointment to see her friend who lives in America for the first time more than ten years, she tried to exchange their cell phone numbers, but her friend told her, “I don’t have cell phone because I won’t stay so long in Japan.”



Sakou was afraid if it was going to be ok, but they could see each other with no problem.

She thought that as an adult it might have been funny to feel anxiety about meeting appointment just because her friend didn’t have cell phone, but cell phone is convenient when it’s first time place or meeting someone in crowded area.

Another day, she arranged to meet a person who lives in [W:Shizuoka prefecture], and again she met the person without cell phone.

Because she didn’t have a sense of direction in Shizuoka, she asked his cell phone but he told her “if something happened, call my house phone.”


She was wondering why he said that although he seemed to know IT tools well.

“I have no problem without cell phone LOL. When you meet someone, just arrange the place and the time and be there as promised.”


What he said was right. Not so long ago, cell phones didn’t exist.

She told that in those times, we tended to make more precise arrangement than we do now, like “let’s meet at 10:30 in front of the stand on the right side of the reception desk in the hall.”

Because now we have cell phones, we make vague arrangements and neglect the promises and rules that should be obeyed.

With cell phones people seem to get not punctual; when you can’t make the appointment on time, you can call and say “I will be late, so go ahead.” Sakou said that we may think everything easy lately.

Meanwhile, man needs cell phone for work but many people turn the power off while they are having meeting or working.


Sakou concluded,

“Whether we have cell phones or not, the way we associate with others and the rules of promises are the same. Being told the word from my friend, I take a good, hard look at my self and I am thankful for him to remind me.”


The NIKKEI Sep/30/2009  by Noriko Sakou (natural-life specialist).


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