Kawaii! Kaomoji (Emoji) J-emoticon Dial Stamp


JAPAN Style previously picked up Japanese emoticon, Kaomoji, it is one of the most popular articles.

So I searched the latest kaomoji online and found outrageous product released by a Japanese company!


It’s called “Kaomoji Dial Stamp”.


There are 20 kinds of signs to make over 2000 kaomoji.

Since I have weakness for such nonsense products, I bought and used it right away!


kaomoji stamp

Opened the box. Various Kaomoji are printed on the box too (^_^)


kaomoji stamp

In the box there are the stamp and a piece of paper shown kaomoji examples.


kaomoji stamp

Mmm…I only know some of them. Do you know?

(T_T) “Crying”

m(_ _)m “I’m sorry (prostrating)”


kaomoji stamp

Turn the each serrated dial and make face.


kaomoji stamp

These are how they look.



This stamp is sold well in Japan but I wonder when and how people use this.

You can make your original face and put on anything anywhere you like!

Tell your feeling with this stamp (^o^)/


This is JAPAN Style!


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If the eBay link is dead and you have questions about the item, please contact me here.