Amazing Trick to check a Signal of Remote Control


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A necessity in our life, “remote control”. TV, DVD player, air conditioner, and audio; we can’t live without remote controls.

Sometimes they don’t work but by hitting them, they start working again LOL.

Even when you change the batteries of a remote, it doesn’t work, and you wonder what’s the problem?

Is it broken or not?

You can’t tell because you can’t see the radio wave.

But don’t give up yet!

The blog I read the other day tells amazing trick to check if a remote control is working.


For this trick, you use a cell phone.

Open the picture mode and point the edge of the remote at the camera lens.


Japan cell phone
Not pressing the button of the remote.


Japan cell phone
Pressing the button of the remote.
It lights up, so you can tell that the signal is working.


I actually tried this trick with my cell phone and it lit up!

It is amazing!  😯


I wonder how it works! You should try it!


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!


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