Kabuki Costume Designed Items


As you may already know, kabuki is one of Japan’s finest traditional theatrical arts.

For those who don’t know kabuki, here is a clip of it.




Today, I want to show you some kabuki related goods that kabuki fans will get excited.


fujimusume yoshiwara


These are kabuki model cell phones released by au (a Japanese cell phone brand).

The kabuki industrial enterprise, Shochiku, took part in designing them.

The green one is the design of the costume used in a kabuki show “Fuji Musume” and the other one is from “Yoshiwara Tsunagi.”

Not only the exteriors but the displays are also kabuki versions!





These are T-shirts and bags designed the patterns on kabuki costumes.

These are also officially designed by Shochiku.


kimono kimono

Image source: http://ruri.crara.cc/


The shirts and bags are sold at the kabuki theater and Narita Airport as Japanese souvenirs.


Whatever it is, taking Japanese “spice” in a design makes me relaxed and fun!

I want you to take enjoy taking Japanese “spice” in your lifestyle too (^_^)



This is JAPAN Style!


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