Cell-Phone with Real Presence, Telenoid

Hiroshi Ishiguro, a professor at Osaka University, who is famous for developing Geminoid HI-1 and Geminoid F, revealed that his team is developing “Geminoid cell-phone” that enables the user to talk on the phone while feeling the party’s presence.


These are Telenoid…



"Osamu Iwasaki" some rights reserved. flickr


and realistic robot, Geminoid F.



This humanoid cell-phone is a small version of a remote control android, Telenoid, which was unveiled in August 2010.

Telenoid is a new generation tool to convey “human presence” that former communication tools such as telephone and email couldn’t enable. This clione (aka sea angel) like android was designed to look like a man, woman, old person and baby, altogether.

Prof. Ishiguro holds Telenoid (and mini Telenoid in his pocket)



"eSeL.at" some rights reserved. flickr


You can put the palm-sized Telenoid in your pocket, and when the phone rings, you can stare at it while imagining the party’s face.

It’s going to be cool if there are accessories like wigs and clothes for it!



This is JAPAN Style!



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