Are These Drink or What?


The carton drinks in the picture above, they look real.

But when you look at them closer…





They are penholders!



They are released by a Japanese stationery company, Sun-Star Stationery Co., Ltd..

They are the same sizes as a regular milk carton (Japanese one though, probably other countries’ ones are bigger lol), and it has a capacity of 850 ml (but no liquid allowed).

As you can see, you can keep scissors in it.

There are six design choices.




They are zipper-open, and a hole on the top to hang with a rope or hook.

Personally, I had never known the penholders until I found them in the weblog of the Japanese stationery king, “Bungu-o”.

According to the king, the blue MILK one is the most popular among them.

I can see that. I would get that one if I buy one.

Which one do you like?

Whichever you pick, if you sneak one into your fridge, your family is going to be surprised!!

They will be great surprise gifts for you friends and family (^_^)

Source: Bungu-o


This is JAPAN Style!


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