Japanese Heroes vs. American Heroes

One of my favorite SFX movie genres, henshin (transformation) hero.

For example, in American movies there are Batman, Spiderman, and Superman.

Hero movies are very popular here in Japan too.

This Japanese blogger I found compared Japanese Heroes with American Heroes and concluded Japanese Heroes are cooler!

Let’s see on what point he thinks Japanese Heroes are cooler than American Heroes!

First, look at this picture.



[W:Ultraman], a popular hero who has been loved over 40 years in Japan.

This hero wears full body rubber tights.

Next Hero…

Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider


Kamen Rider, translated Masked Rider.

His costume is all-leather!

On the other hand, American Heroes…

batman superman



Yes, that’s right. They wear “soft tights” 😛

According this blogger, Japanese Heroes’ costumes are thicker which means more defensive, so they are cooler!


Japanese Heros, Banzai!

(You can tell how he strained to find something cooler about Japanese Heroes than American ones 😮 )

Well…agree with him or not, it would be cool if there was a movie where Japanese Heroes and American Heroes fight (^_^)



This is JAPAN Style!


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