Play Street Fighter with Imaginary Playable Game Controller


BANDAI is going to release the first “Mousou Controller (Imaginary Playable Game Controller)”series.

It’s a small game controller designed just like original Nintendo system.

With this controller, you can play old popular games such as Street Fighter, Xevious or R.B.I. Baseball by your imagination.

The controller makes actual sounds of the game, and the player can command by pressing the button of the controller but the player can not see what’s going on!


“Street Fighter II”


You can pick a character. Win/lose is determined by how many command you could enter.

If you win 3 fights, you can go to the bonus stage where you destroy a car.

The price is 888 yen (about 10 US dollar). The first series are going to be released on March 20.


This is JAPAN Style!


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